Spicy Rainbow Roll

TAKA SHIN’s Monthly Special roll for July is “Spicy Rainbow Roll”.
Inside are Spicy Tuna, Cucumber, Avocado and Outside are Salmon, Yellow Tail, Tuna, Shrimp, White Fish and Jalapeno.
It joins popular rolls for people who like spicy. Please try and taste it.

TAKA-SHIN Seviche is other special.

4 kinds of popular seafood and 3 kinds of vegetable are marinated with our vinegar sauce.
It is a summery appetizer like freshening breeze.
Please enjoy it with Cold Sake.

Beef Cutlet is the third specials.

Deep Fried Breaded Cutlet of Beef is more filling than Chicken Teriyaki and good for sharing too.
The ponzu sauce with grated daikon radish and the dish get along extremely well.
The grated daikon radish is traditional style of eating in Japan and has a lot of digestive enzymes to help your digestion of fat/protein/carb in stomach and freshen your mouth.